Write the Room with Beginning Sounds

Write the Room with Beginning Sounds is a great unit for the end of preschool and beginning of kindergarten.  The students will search the room for beginning sounds.

Interactive Sight Word Notebooks Pre-Primmer Bundle

Play Centers

Play centers is a really fun time for kids.  However, in the beginning of the school year many children need a little help finding a place to play.  I also feel that it is important to introduce the kids to all of the areas on the classroom to help them become more well rounded.  I use rotating play centers throughout the year.  It allows me to flex groups and mix and match as needed.  If you have a rowdy group this is perfect.  The boys and girls look forward to trying new areas.  Make sure to add new focus toys and materials at least every two weeks if not every week!

Click on the picture below to find the pictures.   This set also included room posters to label the areas it includes "I am" statements for the adults that visit your classroom.    I placed the students heads on a popsicle stick to make it more visual.

Write the Room with ABC's

Write the Room with ABC's is one of my favorite activities to use with my students that I am able to use throughout the whole year.  The boys and girls look forward to it!  As they can identify their letters, I like to add non-examples as well.  This can be placed at a center or the pictures can be hung on the wall around the room.  

Homework Incentive Program

The Homework Incentive Program was created for teachers and parents.  Homework can be monotonous for young learners.  Now that my son is old enough for homework, I wanted to create something that made homework a time to look forward to.  Your child will be motivated to complete homework and the bonus will be that you can spend extra time with him or her and not have to make homework a negative time, rather a positive.  As a teacher, this would be a program that I would recommend to parents with children that struggle to complete homework!

This Program is easy to follow and you can adjust it to your child's needs and interests.  I like to use the rocket ship, because my young son loves the little alien in the window.

I wrapped them with small duck tape and after my son saw them he decided we needed to wrap all of them.  We will definitely need more tape.

There are over 36 activities that you can choose to put in the pockets.  I tried to keep 1-4 inexpensive and more "quality" time with my child.  You can pick and choose the activities that your child would enjoy the most and is appropriate for your family and where you live.

There are a variety of different recording sheets that you can choose to fit the needs of your child.  I have Monday-Thursday, Monday-Friday and Monday-Sunday.  Choose the best fit for your families.
Your child can color the star for each day homework is complete (it could be as easy as reading for 20 minutes).  As a teacher you could use this sheet with your "packets" you send home each week.  It show the child that they are progressing towards the end goal.  I also included recording sheets that allow you to write how much time your child is spending on homework.

Interactive Sight Words Notebook Pre-Primmer Set 3 Kindergarten

Interactive Sight Words Notebook Pre-Primmer Set 3 Kindergarten is just what you need to continue to build sight word recognition and reading fluency in kindergarten.  Kids will look forward to this in large and small groups.

September Literacy and Math Centers (Bundle)

September Literacy and Math Centers (Bundle) has everything you need for your classroom math and literacy centers in September.

Interactive Sight Word Notebooks Pre-Primmer Set 2

More hands on sight word interactive notebooks.  This unit will make your small groups a lot of fun.  Students can cut out and complete activities independently!  
(Click on the picture below to see more information and the sight words used)

Fall Math and Literacy Centers

Fall  Math and Literacy Centers is jam packed full of fun hands-on math and literacy centers that your students will love!  

Interactive Sight Word Notebooks Pre-Primmer Set 1

I am super excited about Interactive Sight Word Notebooks Pre-primmer Set 1.  I am always wanted to use interactive notebooks in kindergarten, but they always seemed to be so much work.  So I created this set with that in mind.  I am excited to use these in our small group lesson weekly.  The pictures are fun and it is repetitive in the right ways.  This will definitely keep kinders engaged.

(Click on picture below to check out unit)

Sight Word Games

I am so excited to reintroduce Sight Word Games.  It has been completely updated.  It is a collection of my favorite sight word activities that I use throughout the year.