Back to School Activities

It can be stressful enough to head back to school without having to stress about what you are teaching.  I am loving the activities from our new Back to School Unit.  The activities are easy to put together and are very specific to the skills that students are working on.

Click on any of the pictures below to check out the unit!

TPT Challenge Week #2 Dare to Dream

I think as teachers we are used to helping others achieve their goal.  So much so that we forget to sit down and reflect on our goals and dreams.  This was a fun challenge!

Money for a down payment:  We currently live in the suburbs in s bigger city in Wisconsin.  Currently I am loving the convenience of everything.  However in the future I would love to have some room for my children to run and explore nature.  I am hoping that extra money I earn from tpt will help me save for a nice down payment!

Money to travel:  Can you believe that I have never left the country?  My goal is to travel 3 times in the next year.  We have a trip planned for Florida in the spring and I am hoping that the other two will involve international travel!

Saving for the future:  College funds, retirement, unexpected expenses.  I want to have a nice nest egg to ensure my family has what they need!

Makeover {Madness}! #tpt Challenge Week 1

I am a little behind, but I love this challenge so I going to play catch-up!

I love making over my products!  I choose 5 or 6 units to update throughout the summer.  I love seeing how I have grown over the we all know education is constantly changing and I like all of my products to stay current.!