Farm Hands On Activities for Preschool

Farm Activities were created with preschool in mind. This unit would also work well in a kindergarten classroom. The boys and girls will learn important math, literacy and book comprehension concepts, strategies and skills through book/fact centered lessons and activities. The lesson plans are ready, all you need to do is find the popular books on your shelf and print/prep the easy to prep projects and activities. I have also included several learning tub activities that are ready to go and several centers and activity ideas that would be easy to implement. Students will have a blast with this fun unit! 

Day 1:    To introduce the farm and farm animals we read, Big Red Barn, by Margaret Wise Brown.  Then, we take turns placing farm animal pictures under the farm label.  Finally, we make our own Big Red Barn.  Inside the barn they boys and girls will draw a picture of their favorite farm animal.  They will tell a friend 3 clues and the friend will have to guess what is inside the barn.

Day 2:  Read, Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Holly Berry or your favorite Old MacDonald book.  Then, demonstrate how to sing the song using the song sticks.  Finally, the boys and girls will make their own song puppets.

Day 3:  First we read, I Heard Said the Bird by Poly Berrien Berends.  This book is about baby animals on the farm.  After reading the book and discussing animal moms and babies, the boys and girls can help complete the mom and baby puzzles.  Then, they will make a hen and baby number craft.

Day 4:  We discussed products that come from a farm.  A fun small group center is a milk tasting center.  The boys and girls can try chocolate, white milk and strawberry flavored milk.  Then, they will write their name under their favorite flavor.  Finally, they will make a mama cow craft.

Day 5:  First we read the book, Stuck in the Mud  by Jane Clarke.  Then, in large group the boys and girls can help retell the story using the story sequencing cards.  Finally, they will use hay to paint "mud" on their pig.

Center Ideas:  Also included in this unit are some great activities for centers.
 F is for Farm.

 I see baby chicks, number trace and count/color.

Farm Color by Numbers.

Write the Room with Piglet number Identification.

Farm animal uppercase letter match-up.

 Farm animal vocabulary book.

Sheep decorating printable.

Watercolor a chicken.

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May and Spring Hands on Centers for Preschool {Pond, Farm, Garden}

Are you looking for fun and simple thematic centers that you can prep quickly for your preschool classroom?  Preschool May Centers was created for children ages 4-6 and mature 3 year-olds (looking for a challenge).  These centers are sure to keep their interest and will help build important literacy, math and writing (fine-motor) skills. 
This unit includes:
-20 Ready to go centers
-Material checklist
-Activity instructions
-Student instructions to build independence
-Bin/bag labels
-Activities in action photos
The centers include: 

1.  Barnyard Roll & Color:  Roll the dice, identify the number.  Find the matching number on the printable.  Color the farm animal in the barn to match.

2.  Lily Pad Shape Up:  The boys and girls will choose a frog and identify the shape.  Then, they will find the matching lily pad and use the clip to connect them.

3.  Pond Count:  Line up the ponds from 1-10.  Place the matching number of animals above each pond.

4.  Spring Time Rhyming Puzzles:  Build the puzzles by matching rhyming words.

5.  Frog Build your Name:  The boys and girls will cut out the frog and lily pads and practice building their name.
6.  Planting a Shape Garden:  Choose a shape sign.  Then, find all of the matching-shaped vegetables and place them in your garden.

7.  Build A Pond:  The boys and girls will use a variety of materials to build a pond.

8. Wormy Patterns:  Choose a card and identify the pattern.  Then, use the pipe cleaners or matching colored dough to complete the pattern.

9.  Flyin’ ABC’s Tracing:  The boys and girls will build a kite and trace the ABC’s down the tail of the kite.
10.  May Seek-N-Find:  The boys and girls will search a pond for animals and insects.  They will also search a farm and count/write how many animals.

11.  Digging up ABC’s:  Choose a card and identify the letters.  Place the matching carrot letters on the patch of dirt.  Then, dig up the carrots and choose a new card.

12.  May ABC Search: Color by letters to reveal the mystery letter (G:  Garden, P:  Pond, W:  Worm, L:  Lily Pad).

13.  Flowering Sounds:  Choose a flower and identify the letter in the middle and the sound it makes.  Then, identify all of the pictures.  Use the bee clothespin to clip the two pictures that make the matching beginning sound.

14.  Pony Cards 1-20:  The boys and girls will play the card games “War” and “Go Fish”  with number cards 1-20.

15.  Cow Crown:  The boys and girls will make a cow  crown complete with a cow head, 4 legs and a tail.

16.  Pond Color by Animals:  Color the picture by pond animals.

17.  Farm Friends Reproducible:  The boys and girls will read the book and identify the farm animal on each page.   Then, they will trace the animal name.

18.  Swatting Flies Ten Frame:  The boys and girls will choose a fly swatter ten frame card and identify the number.  Then, they will place the matching number of flies on the fly swatter.

19.  Roll & Plant a Garden:  Roll the dice and count the dots.  Find the vegetable with the matching number and plant it in the garden.

20.  Piggy Bank Count:  The boys and girls will roll the dice and identify the number.  Then, they will place the matching number of pennies on the pig.

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Pond Life {20+} Writing, Literacy and Science Activities

Pond Life is perfect for young learners that love learning about animal life. This unit is based around essential questions and uses vocabulary cards with real pictures, anchor charts, large and small group as well as independent writing and center to reinforce concepts and fun hands on craftivities that students will love!  You will find everything you need for a complete pond unit!

The boys and girls will learn about pond animals with vocabulary cards.  20 pond animals and 4 pond plant pictures.  Give each child a card and one at a time they can bring them up and place them under the label.

Then, the boys and girls can choose 5 animals, write their names in the boxes and draw the animals in the pond.

Then, the boys and girls will continue to work on pond animal vocabulary with this reproducible book.  

They will also work on labeling pond animals and pond animal identification.

The boys and girls will love building their own pond and labeling the animals.

The boys and girls will also learn about fish and the parts of a fish.

To build on their knowledge of animals the boys and girls will look at the different kinds of animals at a pond:  fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.  They will also learn about characteristics of each animal.

To review and build on their knowledge of animals, the boys and girls will listen to facts about animals and sort the facts under the matching animal.

They can write the facts and draw a picture of an example of the animals on several printables.

Then, the boys and girls can write several animal names under each animal category.

The boys and girls will also learn about the life cycle of a frog.

The boys and girls will label and build their own frog life cycle.

Your students will have a blast with this unit.  Check out more science units with our bundle!  Click on the pictures below!