April Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten (Spring)

Spring into March Math and Literacy Centers is 248 pages full of fun hands-on math and literacy centers that are perfect for your kindergartners to help build a strong foundation in math, number sense and literacy skills. All the centers are common core aligned and encourage independence. Students will love the colorful graphics! There are over 28 complete math and literacy activities that are sure to make your centers a blast!

Each center includes:
Teacher Direction Page for quick referencing and a list of needed materials and copying instructions for each activity
"I Can Statements" to foster student independence.
Rotation Labels for teacher use as visual rotation cards, which allows students to see center choices.
Bin Labels for easy labeling and storage.
Storage Tips and Tools each unit comes with binder labels and instructions for quick and easy storage.
Recording Sheet to hold students accountable.
Answer Key comes with activities where a key is needed.

Flower CVC Sight Words (RF.K.2.D)

Muddy Boot Match-Up (RF.K.2.D)
Secret Bloom Sight Words (RF.K.3.C)

Sight Word Buzz sight word center (RF.K.3.C)

Spring Race to the Top (RF.K.3.C)
I'm Ready for Rain!  Sight Word Sentence Building (RF.K.3.C)

Spring Word List

Spring Word List Activities

It's Raining Digraphs (RF.K.2.C)

Pond families (K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.5)

Growing Base Ten (K.NBT.A.1)

Time for Busy Bees (K.MD)

 Recycling, Collect, Graph & Write MD.B.3
Hundred Chart (1NBT.A.1)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Subtraction (K.OA.A.1)

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April and Spring Hands on Centers for Preschool

Are you looking for fun and simple thematic centers that you can prep quickly for your preschool classroom?  Preschool April Centers was created for children ages 4-6 and mature 3 year-olds (looking for a challenge).  These centers are sure to keep their interest and will help build important literacy, math and writing (fine-motor) skills. 

This unit includes:
-20 Ready to go centers
-Material checklist
-Activity instructions
-Student instructions to build independence
-Bin/bag labels
-Activities in action photos

1.  Buggin’ Out with Numbers:  Identify the numbers.  Place the matching number of stickers on each number.  

2.  Egg Carton Count:  Use the egg carton card to determine how many eggs will go in each egg holder.

3.  Butterfly Egg Count:  Choose a card.  Identify the number on the butterfly.  Place the matching number of eggs on the leaf.

4.  Swatting Syllables:  Identify the picture on the fly.  Swat the fly 1-3 times, depending on the number of syllables.  Place the fly on the frog with the matching number.

5.  Egg Patterns:  The boys and girls will choose a card, identify the pattern and use plastic eggs to recreate the pattern.

6.  Jelly Bean Shapes:  Choose a card.  Identify the shape.  Use the jelly beans and toothpicks to build the shapes.

7.  Peep Pattern:  Use a bunny peep to copy the simple AB and ABC patterns.

8.  Spring Dough Mats:  Build Spring themed objects using dough.

9.  Spring Tracing Mini:  Use fine-motor skills to trace spring-themed figures and create a mini-book.

10.  April Seek-n-Follow Directions:  The boys and girls will count the total number of insects.  They will also draw lines from vegetables the matching shaped garden.

11. A Bee C’s Bingo:  Choose a card and identify the letter.  If you have the letter on your hive, use one of the bee counters to cover the letter.  Continue until your card is full.  If you pull a bear card, clear the hive and start over.

12. April ABC Search: Color by letters to reveal the mystery letter (I:  Insects, F:  Flowers, N:  Nest, U:  Umbrella)

13. Bunny Sounds:  Choose a bunny and identify the number.  Then, find the head, arms, and legs that have pictures with the same numbers (1-10 included).

14.  Crackin’ Egg Trace:  Choose an egg.  Twist the egg to match the letters.  Write or trace the letters.

15.  Name Nest Crown:  The boys and girls will follow multiple step directions to build a name nest crown.  

16.  Spring Color by Letters:  Color the picture by letters.

17.  Counting Bugs:  Read the book and identify the numbers.  Trace the numbers and draw the matching number of bugs in each jar. 

18.  Roll & Feed Springtime Animals:  The boys and girls will roll the dice and count the number of dots.  Then, they will use the tweezers to place the matching number of counters/erasers in the mouth of the bunny and frog.

19. Symmetrical Butterfly:  Cut out the butterfly.  Paint half of the butterfly.  Fold it in half.  Open it up to reveal a symmetrical butterfly.

20.  Bug Puppets:  Color the spring scene and bugs.  Cut out the bugs and tape them to popsicle sticks.  Use the puppets to tell a story.

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Weather Centers, Lessons and Activities for Preschool

 Are you looking for a fun, hands-on and engaging weather unit for your preschool classroom? Check out our weather unit {HERE}.  This unit has book suggestions, large group, small group, centers and independent weather activities.

Start out the unit with weather word cards.  Help build on vocabulary and weather identification with these real picture cards.

Throughout the unit the boys and girls will be looking in the sky for the weather.  Track the weather using this calendar for the week.  

The boys and girls will practice tracing words with this simple What's the Weather Like Today? book. 

After reading Little Cloud by Eric Carle, the boys and girls can practice matching raindrops to clouds through shape matching.

The boys and girls will make their own cloud using a mixture of paint and glue.  An adult can write the words for the children.

Rhyming Puddle Jumping is a fun way to discuss rain and rhymes.  The teacher will hold up a card and the boys and girls will jump on the rhyming puddle.

It's Raining ABC's is perfect to use with any Rain, Rain Go Away book or song.  

The boys and girls can practice working with syllables with Syllable Storms. 

The boys and girls will love this stormy craft.

After reading a book or the non-fiction passage included, the boys and girls can help brainstorm what they have learned about the sun.

To complete the sun activities the boys and girls will make this tissue paper patterned sun.

Poll the boys and girls to share their favorite weather.

They will enjoy making this fun windy craft.

They can match the child to the weather they are dressed for.

The boys and girls can count the rain drops and use a glass bead to mark the correct number.

The boys and girls will work on letter identification and use their fine motor skills with this editable rainbow name activity.

The boys and girls will work on ordering pipe cleaners by length with this cute rainbow building center.

Coloring by numbers is a great way to review numbers and build their fine-motor skills.

The boys and girls will blow like the wind to paint this kite.

The boys and girls will help complete the book by identifying the number on each page.  They will trace the number and draw the rain drops on each page.

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